DEML Student Body

DEML Student Body

The Department of English and Modern Languages (DEML) is one of the oldest and most reputed departments of North South University. Its students are open-minded and forward-thinking individuals who tackle the issues of the modern world with critical and creative thinking. It allows the students to know and appreciate the science of language and English literary works and develop academic and linguistic aptitudes of their own. The department also offers several foreign language courses for the students of the university as well as for people from outside NSU. The department has provided language development and proficiency programs in intensive courses in eight widely used international languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Bangla). In addition to the foreign language courses, the department also organizes a variety of activities such as the Spectrum Seminars (seminar series), Discourse I and II (lecture series), and language workshops to raise language awareness and generate research interest in language and related issues among the students as well as the faculty members of NSU.



Farhana Faruquee


Ashek Muhammad Rumi

Vice-President, Media & Communication

Anjam Khan

Vice-President, Management

Md. Abdullah Al Mamun

General Secretary

Md. Ferdoush Hasan Anik

Joint Secretary, Logistics & Program

Mashfia Rahman

Joint Secretary, Marketing & Promotions

Safa Sumiea



Sub Executive

Samia Islam Anmona

Khadizatul Kubra Silvia

Tahsina Binte Abedin

Sumiya Akter Dina

Shahida Aroby

Maliha Momtaz Tamima

Sabsana Ahmed

Tasnim Shahariar

Md. Oheduzzaman Anik

Md. Ismail Hossain Emon

Akash Kumar Shil

Maisha Nowshin Prioty

Adiba Kamal

Syma Sultana

Afnan Rahman