2nd International Language League

The Department of English and Modern Languages (DEML) of North South University (NSU) is organizing the country’s largest Language Olympiad titled "Bakeman's 2nd International Language League" in January and February 2022. This Olympiad will provide an opportunity for students to take part in various language-based competitions where they will demonstrate their knowledge of Bangla, English, and other languages. In this Olympiad-based language competition, participating students from home and abroad will compete at different levels to prove their English, Bangla, Chinese, German, and French competency. This language competition aims to encourage and improve the language learning process making it more enjoyable for all.

Aim of 2nd International Language League

Bakeman's 2nd International Language League is set to start from January 2022 across the country in eight divisions in thirty-two institutions. Participants will face three rounds-- Divisional Selection Round, Semi-Final Round, and Final Round-- to win the Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medals in this competition. Students selected for any of these rounds will be awarded certificates. The Divisional Selection Round will be held in your neighboring institutions. The dates and names of the institutions will be announced on the website of the Language League. Students selected in the Divisional Round will participate in the following rounds at North South University in Dhaka.

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