About Language League

The Competition through the lens of themes

Language League is empowered by the diversity of the languages participating. The theme, color scheme and mascots embody that diversity and pride in language and their uniqueness. There are 3 major languages participating, but since the probability of expansion of the competition is very much a possibility, the concept had to be expansive, in order to fit in more in the future. With the above criteria in their minds, Fahim Anzoom Rumman and Noor E Tahsin from English Department of Modern Languages set off on the quest to design the poster of the very first Language League.

The color scheme is triadic, Red, Green and Blue being the central colors for the competition, representing Bengali, Chinese and English. The mascots are, for now, a tiger, a panda and a lion. The logo, however, consists of more than 3 animals to represent future ventures. The creatures were kept cuddly and toylike to represent the inclusiveness and friendliness of the competition. The tree is perhaps the most important element in the logo, even more than the mascots, as it stands for the great tree of language that has branched out to so many unique places and yet holds us all to a common ground.